Buybacks & Burn to Liquidity
CoinFrenzy uses part of Treasury and Ecosystem profits to regularly buy $CFZ and $BNB, then "burn" them to liquidity. Our revolutionary FrenzyBuyBacks, where we buy $CFZ on the open market, creating green candles and $BUSD rewards for holders. This will in turn create a passive yield generating currency, with an ever-increasing floor price.
To prevent front-running, buybacks are not announced right before they happen.
Previous buybacks can be viewed on the "Buyback History" panel in the dashboard.
The FrenzyBuybacks' fund comes from Treasury and Ecosystem profits, so the more time the project run, the bigger the fund —-> buyback is unlimited.
During a buyback, $CFZ tokens are bought back, paired with $BNB, and "burnt" to the $CFZ/$BNB PancakeSwap V2 liquidity pool.
In the world of DeFi, buy backs are a prevalent mechanism to support price. However, most projects will “Buy Back and Burn”, which does nothing to improve the position of the LP (Liquidity Pool). In sharp contrast, CoinFrenzy Capital has improved the buy back process to increase liquidity at the same time, which makes price both increase and more stable over time!
💹This not only increases the token price, but it also increases the pair's liquidity.