We aim to be the gateway to crypto investing and value creation by creating a innovative investment strategy that is optimized to produce maximum returns while limiting overall risks. We will do the heavy lifting in terms of strategy, assessing risk, consuming fees across platforms, and staying on the pulse of DeFi.
As funds accumulate in the FrenzyFund, our team properly manages the funds raised into low to high risk investments.
As FrenzyFund budget grows, so too does the yield that is reflected (distributed) to holders. Our investment strategies are focused on all crypto and crypto-adjacent sectors; including, but not limited to, investing in seed and private sales, participating IDOs, cryptocurrency trading, NFT trading, and DeFi yield farming. This model is an evolution of Farming as a Service (FaaS); we have dubbed it Investing as a Service (IaaS), as the scope of CoinFrenzy’s profit-making ventures goes well beyond farming. This will in turn create a passive yield generating currency, with an ever-increasing floor price. We invest and generate yield for you whilst using BUSD reflections and buy-backs to benefit holders, creating sustainable long term price action.
Farming as a Service, or FaaS for short, is a newly developing sector of the larger cryptocurrency markets. It highlights protocols that incentivize buyers by investing on their behalf in DeFi yield farming, later returning the profits to those holders.
1-Risk Free Investment. 35% of the FrenzyFund budget is deployed through a number of secure, stable yield farming options, LPs, Staking, etc. This ensures that funds are never "Idle" while still ensuring there is still ample safe liquidity to sustain the Ecosystem, along with weathering any unforeseen "storms", price downturns etc.
2-Low Risk Investment. 55% of the FrenzyFund budget will be used to build diversified crypto portfolio by investing crypto assets which aren’t typically available to the average investor. Such as Seed and Private sales, IDO, INO and Presales and Blue-Chip Tokens. These purchases are a longer-term hold for the token and is therefore a more stable element to the portfolio.
3-High Risk Investment. 10% of the FrenzyFund budget is reserved for Degen Plays (that's how we call it, risky plays voted by the community). Due to the only 10% being allocated to this area, even the loss of 100% of the investment does not have a tangible impact on the holders of our token, as all risk is managed. So if it wins, everyone does, if it loses, no one is affected. Short term plans may consist of predicting and executing on a bullish season for meme coins, NFTs, DeFi, or whatever particular trend may get hot.
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