$CFZ has a fixed supply of 100M tokens. The token is not elastic and new tokens cannot be minted.
Token - BEP20
Symbol: CFZ
Contract : TBA
Private sale: 18%
Public sale: 44%
Liquidity: 22%
Initial Burn: 6%
Team & Advisors: 5% (3 months cliff, %5 unlock every 3 months)
Marketing: 5% (3 months cliff, %10 unlock every 3 months)
CoinFrenzy is focused on providing holders with PASSIVE INCOME AND PRICE STABILITY. Therefore it is in everyone's interest to have a fee structure that will encourage long-term holding and discourage day-trading and pump & dumps.
For that reason and to create sustainability, our fee structures to support the project are as follows:
Fees: 8% Treasury / 4% BUSD Rewards / 2% Lottery
On every buy or sell there is a 14% applied tax, which will be distributed to CFZ holders and the protocol's treasury. Therefore, CFZ holders and the CoinFrenzy's Treasury benefit with every sell and every buy happening!
Taxes do not apply to presale and wallet transfers.