On every buy or sell there is a 8% applied tax, which accumulated to Treasury.
Here is the distribution of Treasury funds;
1-FrenzyFund : 60%
2-FrenzyBuyBacks : 10%
3-Marketing : 15%
4-Development : 5%
5-Team Allocation : 10% Team salary is 10% of the the trading fees that enter the treasury. For reference this is approximately half the allocation the majority of project developers would take. It is our number one priority at CoinFrenzy, to create a quality product, so if we do so, we will get paid, if not, then we don't.
Treasury Wallet: TBA
👉 Simply hold CoinFrenzy tokens in your wallet and earn passive income. Over time, your wallet will increase — no need to claim, stake, or farm! Enjoy holding your $CFZ!